Massaged Life & Wellness Academy

Why Choose Us?

Massaged Life & Wellness Academy’s primary goal is to provide its students with a comprehensive course of study in all aspects of massage therapy. The program was designed based upon the increased demand in the area of Massage, Holistic Health & Spa Therapies. At Massaged Life & Wellness Academy, our faculty and staff are dedicated to provide a thorough, hands-on education, enabling the student to meet the growing need for massage therapy.


Personalized Program

Our full-time program will provide you with the broadest educational content available today. It is a comprehensive 800 hour program with a focus on result-driven massage.


Affordable Tuition

Our tuition is under $9000 and includes: tuition, books, massage table & bolster package, massage linens, massage oil holster & bottle, student massage insurance, MBLEX prep, and more.


Committed Leaders

Our dedicated instructors are masters in their field with years of teaching experience and professional practice. They deliver a customized experience in our unique program that cannot be found in any other massage school.


Faciliate Healing

Help people and make a difference in their lives. Learn Medical and Hospice massage care, improving quality of life.


Work When & Where You Want

Take your career anywhere as you travel the world. Cruises, destination resorts, hospitals, or work with sports teams.


$40 – $120 Hour Potential

Earn more and work less with a 30-hour full-time workweek. Get in early in an industry growing faster than other occupations.

At Massaged Life & Wellness Academy we will teach our students much more than just the necessities.  We offer a full range of training including Massage Theory  & Practice, Kinesiology, Eastern Modalities, Clinical/Medical Massage, Spa Techniques, and much more. Our program is geared toward those students who want an advanced education.  We are proud to be an 800 Hour program in a state that only requires 650 Hours.

Also, we provide the tools for your success, our program is all-inclusive. Offering the most advanced techniques and current trends in massage education, our program gives you the opportunity of blended learning styles.  Some of the basic coursework can be done in your own home, although all testing and hands-on techniques will be performed in the classroom. All required textbooks as well as your very own massage table package is included in tuition

]Applicants are evaluated on the basis of motivation, attitude, character, individual goals, personal hygiene, financial and academic abilities. Equal opportunity is given to all applicants regardless of sexual orientation, gender, race, and ethnicity, place of origin, religion or age.

Our goal is to offer the best education possible.  We have a strict principle of a 1:10 teacher/student ratio thus you will never have more than 6 students in any of your hands-on classes.  This allows for more personal attention and one-on-one instruction time.  We also offer a spa for our students to practice their newly acquired techniques.  We continuously conduct research to bring you innovative education that delivers exceptional results and maximizes health and wellness benefits. ​The ongoing research and training of our attentive team guarantees that our professional knowledge is at the forefront of the latest developments in education.