Massaged Life & Wellness Academy

Supervised Student Services

Relax and enjoy our student massages – a great way to experience The Massaged Life while on a budget. Our student massage therapists are in the last phase of their program, which means they are prepared to give you a wonderful relaxing experience. Please keep in mind that these are students and not Licensed professionals. They are training and therefore MUST be supervised. We attempt to minimize disruptions, however, the clinic supervisor or one of our LMTs WILL be checking in on our students during your massage. Our students are only available on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:30-6:00 pm.

If you prefer a professional therapist, or simply can’t work into our limited student massage clinic hours, we have 3 Licensed Massage Therapists available by appointment. Each of these therapists has advanced training and experience. Our professionals are capable of offering more medical/condition-specific massage services as well as the ultimate in relaxation. Our LMTs are never interrupted or disturbed during a massage session. They offer more privacy as well since no one will be entering the room during your experience

Services provided by our STUDENT massage therapist include:

60 Minute Full Body Massage $35

90 Minute Full Body Massage $50

90 Minute Hot Stone Massage $70

Couples Massage $35 (per person)

Prenatal Massage $35

Full Body Scrub $35

Facial Massage Treatment $35

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